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Welcome to Yada Yada Pottery
Artisan Boutique

6 Wheel/Handbuilding/Macrame courses during the year at intermediate/advance levels & exclusive privileges 


Want to be centered all year long? Have you found your home in the mud?  Well now Yada Yada has a sweet deal for you Pottery Zen Friend!  It is for students with more experience on the wheel, and includes Intermediate and Advance wheel courses for 48 weeks during the year: (2-8wk Intermediate or Advanced Stoneware Courses)…., (2-8wk Handbuilding Courses), (and 2- 8 wk Macrame courses).  All this with an amazing discount of 20% off which is more than getting 1 whole Advance 8wk course for free!  So it's like paying for 5 courses but getting 6! Plus - discounts on Pottery Painting and sales in our Gift Boutique. 


Discounted cost is $1504 (plus sales tax).  Schedules will be set from availability at the time you are wanting to start each course.   (Please indicate below in Options what days and times would work best for you. They can be adjusted later).


 All materials, guidelines, limitations and project plans are as described in each individual course descriptions.  *See class descriptions or let us know if you have questions.

Pottery Zen Friend- Year Class Bundle

$1,880.00 Regular Price
$1,504.00Sale Price
  • Since we are charge a credit card processing fee the moment you pay, there will be a $20 cancellation fee, should you need to cancel before the 1st day of the course or class starting.  After that, the cost of the bundle is not refundable, but we can apply it to a future courses or you can transfer it to a friend or family member.  

    Discounts can not be added to any other specials or discounts in other offers.

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