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  • What is included in Pottery Wheel class price?
    Cost of class includes: * Instruction on pottery throwing, glazing and other decorating techniques *Use of up to 25 pounds of pottery clay selected by the instructor *Use of all tools needed for class- trim tools, sponges, shaping ribs, etc *Use of studio approved glazes - (food safe, and fits clay body cone) *Both firings - of up to 10 pieces fired to bisque and glaze firing for all peices made in class. Addtlional pieces can be fired at $5 a piece.
  • Do I need to have experience to take a wheel class?
    Not at all! It does not even matter if you've never touched clay before. All you need is the desire to learn and don't mind getting messy!
  • How young can a student be for a Wheel, Handbuilding or just Pottery Painting?"
    At this time we are reserving Pottery Wheel Courses for people 14 and up. Handbuilding Classes depend on the particular project as some are simpler than others, so younger children might enjoy those classes. Call us and we can discuss the details of the current project. For Pottery Painting, this is a great activity for all ages! Yes, even the really young ones, as long as you are okay with them getting messy and just having a good time.
  • What will we make in a class or course?
    For Pottery Wheel Course, we teach a range of levels but even in a beginners class we will make: Bowls Cups/Mugs Plates vases And some items that you're not really what it is! 😉 For Hand Building Class, there is a different project running each month. See our Hand building Class Project calendar for more details. And then there is Pottery Painting! You choose the piece and how you want to decorate it! We'll also promote special Pottery Painting themed projects that we will take you through a design step by step. Keep your eye out for these upcoming events!
  • What else should I know about the classes?
    Pottery is a skill. Even if you are good at other arts or crafts, this will take some time to master so be patient and enjoy the process and commardery of learnig with a class. Its messy, really messy, but it cleans up well too! Clay might be drying to the skin so you may need to put on hand lotion after leaving class each week. Pottery is not a science. You can do all the right things and sometime you get unpredictable results (which can be awesome) or they might not come out at all. Things break, explode, crack, glazes can run, bubble, stick to others...don't worry it happens to everyone but we will learn how to minimize these debaukles. Pottery is addicting, and learning in a class with others just might make you friends for life...I've been witness to this myself many times.
  • What else can you do at Yada Yada?
    Well, I'm glad you asked!.... Not only do we do pottery, but we are anomored with making Macrame as well! Keep your eye out for upcoming projects that we will work on together! We also will have a great retail area that you can find fantastic home decor, gifts and even some speciality clothing and accessories! One last thing.... since we happen to also love coffee and are great friends with the ever popular One Flight Up Cafe, we are located just at the end of the hall, so you can dine and drink just a few steps way! Spend a day just enjoying yourself or sharing with others!
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