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Find your Center
Pottery Retreat

Feeling stuck in your routine? We've carved out the time for you. Come play with us and get realigned. Get centered.

Join us for a journey of creativity, self-discovery, and the joy of crafting something truly unique,  just like you!

Discovering your center refers to finding a sense of inner balance, harmony, and alignment within oneself. It involves understanding your core values, beliefs, and priorities, as well as cultivating a sense of peace and tranquility amidst life's challenges. In the context of a pottery retreat, discovering your center could mean tapping into your creativity, connecting with your emotions, and experiencing a profound sense of fulfillment through the act of creating pottery. It's about finding a deeper connection with yourself and gaining clarity on what brings you joy and fulfillment in life.

We will spend 5 days learning and exploring methods, tips, and techniques in the vast world of clay. Whether you are an experienced potter, or have never touched clay -

  • Travel through the whole process of wheel throwing and hand building

  • Play with various surface techniques

  • Leave with 5-7 projects you created

  • Learn new skills, overcome challenges

  • Gain a feeling of accomplishment

  • Bond with new friends and supportive community

Getting Centered in Clay and Life

What does getting centered look like?

No matter how fast or hard you are going, things can still seem unaligned and bumpy.  Being centered is a moment of smoothness, and its movement looks effortless. It comes from purposeful action and effort, then acknowledging when it’s so, and slowly letting go to stay centered and unwavering.         

Feeling more than knowing

Knowing what you want to do or having an intention will help guide you through the process, but feeling what is happening in the moment greatly affects your work. Your movements and responses to what you’re feeling with the clay is a guide to how you should respond to reach your goal. 

Slowing down

Although we need to build up momentum to be in action, the real magic happens when we slow down and allow creation to flow, focusing on what is possible and how you can play with that. Meditate on the process and let go of any other distractions.

Letting go

Letting go of expectation and trying to obtain perfection can be liberating!  Just being in the flow and being present and open to what happens can lead to valuable lessons and personal growth. It's important to allow ourselves to play, fail, and learn from our experiences without fear. This mindset can open up new possibilities.

Program Outline

Day 1

Wednesday June 26th

9am - 10am - Meet & Greet breakfast buffet, Q & A

10am - 11am - Terminology, syllabus, studio rules, etc


11am - 1pm - Get Centered! - Wedging and wheel throwing

1pm - 2pm  - Lunch buffet at studio


2pm  - 5pm - Let's get messy! - Wheel throwing

6pm - Meal at local restaurant

Pottery Wheel_edited.png

Day 2

Thursday June 27th

10am - 1pm - Wheel trimming of leather hard pots


1pm - 2pm  - Open munching time buffet at studio  


2pm - 5pm- Handbuilding projects


5pm - 8pm - Independent time. Studio will also be open for anyone who wants to hang out or complete projects

Carving Pottery

Day 3

Friday June 28th

9am - 11:30am - Wisdom Stories from the clay session 


11:30 - 1pm - Lunch in the town


1pm - 2:30 pm - Wisdom Stories continued -  - Kintsugi pottery


3pm - 5pm - Lake Dora Boat tour

6pm - Dinner on the deck at Pisces Rising 

Find your Center - Yada Yada Pottery Retreat-3.png

Day 4

Saturday June 29th

9am - 11am - Glazing techniques


11am - 2pm - Slip Trail & Bread Crumbs - Culinary Quest Lunch around town

2pm - 5pm - Glazing pieces, your style 


5pm - 7pm - Glazing of pieces continued. Wood-fired pizza dinner brought in  from local restaurant


Day 5

Sunday June 30th

9am - 10am - Stroll Farmers Market and visit with local potter's booth


10am - 11am - Unload Kiln and affirm everyone's work

11am - 12pm - Guided Journaling for reflection


1pmFarewell lunch at local restaurant


Meet your Guides


Juliette Davis

Owner/ Artist/ Instructor

Juliette Davis was enraptured with all medias of art and design, from a very young age. This never wavered through the years as she dreamed of making a life of art, and sharing how intricate it is as a part in our daily lives.  In 1999 Juliette opened Yada Yada Pottery in Mount Dora, FL and has grown a wonderful community, encouraging people to discover and embrace their own inner artist. She continues to develop new programs and products that  encourage the exploration of creativity and our inner center.


Lynn Wisniewski

Business Consultant/ Artist / Author

Lynn Wisniewski, your guided journaling host, offers insightful prompts and gentle guidance to facilitate reflection and recentering, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with clarity and mindfulness.

Me CMYK Colors.jpg

Vivian Nix-Early

Psychologist/ Artist/ Author 

Dr. Vivian Nix-Early in her career and community life has worked and served as a clinical psychologist, creative arts therapist, university professor, master trainer, nonprofit leader, mentor to young people, and a friend.  Dr. Nix-Early is co-author of Taking it to the Streets: How the Arts Are Transforming Communities; and is author of the 2021 book, Faith, Food & Art: Surviving the Pandemics of 2020. Aware of the power of creativity to heal and give purpose, her work as a potter is a major part of her own self-care and a vehicle for giving to others.


Debbie Foster

Business owner/ Adventurer

Debbie was inspired to create local adventures when her children were young and needed encouragement to consider what beautiful and interesting environment they lived in.  From this, her business, Hometown Quests was born. Its mission is to spark curiosity and excitement through customized quests that allow participants to uncover hidden gems, solve riddles, and indulge in local flavors of the surrounding community..

Pier in the Lake

Someplace Special

Mount Dora is a truly enchanting destination that boasts natural beauty, a diverse community, and a charming historic downtown district. During your visit, you'll have the opportunity to work with clay and explore all of the wonderful attractions that Mount Dora has to offer. From shopping to dining and immersing yourself like a local, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Come and experience the magic of Mount Dora for yourself!

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