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Welcome to Yada Yada Pottery
Artisan Boutique

Non-instructional studio time* is available for adults needing a creative space and pottery equipment to use.  To use the studio/equipment independantly, you can either take one of our 6 week courses to get you familiar with our studio, or participate in a one time orientation class ($50 fee) to learn the ropes.  All participants are responsible for their own safety, proper use of tools and equipment, and considerate clean-up of studio after use. Friendly group conduct is required.**

Monthly fee: $75

Clay: $35 per 25 pounds of our studio clay (low or mid-range-high)

Firing: 1 Bisque & 1 Finishing fire per month 

Fees for Firing: (Priced Per piece) $12 per greenware-pound***)

Glaze: To ensure safety from toxins and reduce risk of equipment damage, we only allow use of our food safe glazes provided. Use of these is included in the firing fee.

Additional Information

  • Our studio time is not for production work, as we are limited on space and kiln usage.

  • Studio staff will be present but will not provide pottery instruction, but will happy to answer any questions on how the studio works.

  • As any experienced potter knows, pieces can break, crack or have some undesired result at any point of the process.  Yada Yada Pottery/staff will not take any responsibility for any such occurrences, but we will treat your pieces with love and care!

  • To protect everyone's work, please to do touch or handle other's pieces, please ask staff if help is needed to make room on shelves.

* excludes times during scheduled classes.

** Innappropriate, hateful conduct or speech toward anyone's pottery/race/religion/orientation will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to cancel your membership without warning or refund and ask you to leave the premesis immedeately. 

*** each piece will be weighed at greenware stage to determine the cost of firing that piece.

Monthly Clay Studio Time

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