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Our Friends - Our Community

There are so many people doing great things that we want to support and share with all of you!  Some of the artists sell their work in our studio, but might also have there own sites, and there are some great places around our town that we want to support as well!  Hope you take some time to visit their sites, stores, studios, or other local business - please share with others too! 


WiArt owners, Stacy Hurwitz and Patricia Carroll teach acrylic art classes at your location. Available for commissioned work and showings by appointment.


We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live up to their full potential. Our focus is on our community’s homeless youths and those who are aging out of foster care.  Together we can create a path that leads to independence. Our vision is of a supportive community that aids these youths in acquiring housing, transportation, job skills, and other needed services that will direct them on a forward path to success.


Painting is a journey. Such a metaphor for life - from beginning to end the experience is filled with a symphony of emotions. In one painting you feel excitement, motivation, and inspiration; then challenged, defeated and insecure. A painting teaches humility and perseverance and above all, faith, because no matter how many revisions or stumbles you go though, you know it’s just paint and you have the power to control it. At the end of the dark tunnel - there is light. At the end of the struggle - there is accomplishment. Underneath every painting is a journey. Art is what freedom looks like.


PiesAbilities Candle Co is a mother-daughter venture with a heart for inclusion. Our company first opened in January 2020 with a mission to create meaningful employment opportunities for adults with disabilities through the creation and sale of artisan pies. 

 A Zenimal Is A Spiritual Mentor In Animal Form.  They Provide Inspiration Through Imagery And Philosophy, Creating A Thought Provoking Or Meditative State Of Mind. Mugs, shirts, bookmarks and more!

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